Amble Properties Limited

Amble Abashon Mela – A Celebration of Dreams

Amble Properties Ltd. orchestrated a spectacular event, “Amble Abashon Mela,” in 2023, transforming dreams into reality at a vibrant gathering. This event not only showcased our ongoing and upcoming projects but also added an extra layer of excitement with a unique gesture for our valued clients.


Prospective homeowners had the opportunity to explore the diverse array of projects that define the Amble legacy. From modern residences to innovative commercial spaces, each project reflected our commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate sector.

What made this event truly special was our token of appreciation for those who chose to be a part of the Amble family. Individuals who booked an apartment during the event received a thoughtful gift – a deep fridge to enhance their new living spaces.


As laughter echoed, and dreams took shape, Amble Abashon Mela became a memorable chapter in the Amble journey. It reaffirmed our commitment to creating not just living spaces but vibrant communities where dreams come true.