Amble Properties Limited

Dua Mahfil at Amble Feroza Garden

Amble Properties Ltd. recently orchestrated a heartfelt Dua Mahfil at the serene site of our ongoing project, Amble Feroza Garden. The event was held at the prime location of Amble Feroza Garden at Sector#02, Plot#07, Aftabnagor, Dhaka#1212. The Dua Mahfil brought together members of the Amble family, construction teams, and esteemed guests in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere.


The Dua Mahfil, led by a respected religious leader, aimed to seek blessings for the prosperity and success of Amble Feroza Garden. Surrounded by the blossoming greenery and the foundation of what promises to be a vibrant community, attendees joined in prayers for the well-being of the project, its future residents, and the dedicated individuals working tirelessly to bring it to life.

The event not only provided a moment of spiritual reflection but also served as a reminder of the values that form the core of Amble Properties Ltd. As construction progresses at Amble Feroza Garden, these blessings will continue to echo, making it not just a residential space but a place where dreams find divine affirmation.